Why it can be a great experience to travel alone

Why it can be a great experience to travel alone

We travel alone  is an advantage – sumething special , I never asked myself this Question .
The spiltoff with my exwive happened not long ago – my best friends had been occupied or were not that adventurous –   I want to discover the world.

So I didn’t ask myself this Question .
But it is a good question to talk about. At the first moment traveling alone has no good sides on it.

  • You are alone at the other side of the world.
  • You are travelling into a land without knowing font or language and you habe no one to talk about the misteries  of daily live

Bit there is also a big Change

  • First time you order a a tuktuk you are frightened to death, second time its fun .  This good for your self confidence
  • Travelling alone means , you decide completely over your time.” Riding today , party tomorro or visting this last tempel it is all up to you
  • Travelling alone means , it very easy to meet  new interesting persons and most of them became your frinds

And then it is normal for you playing snap with a dutch ladyand guy from england im Lopburi  – philosphing with the innkeeper in ayyutthaya about backpacking – bathing elefants with a group of peaople from over the wold – riding the bambnootraing  with two nice ladies from italy …

I can continue this list infinitely

I am not shure , this whold had happened if I travelled with a group
And this is why I DON’T regret travelling alone